Thursday, May 10, 2018

Closet Case Apocalypse

Remember when families were torn apart and love affairs ruined during the great "Volcano versus Dante's Peak" civil wars of 1997? Twas brother against brother, my friends -- I still bear the scars from when I drowned my own father in our bathtub after he slighted Anne Heche's box-office staying power. Well it seems that madness is re-descending, only this time instead of dueling lava bombs it's furry-chested musical composers with a taste for same-sex strange that're coming to movie-screen fisticuffs - nine days after Jake Gyllenhaal announced plans to make a Leonard Bernstein bio-pic with director Cary Fukunaga we've gotten word that Bradley Cooper wants to write and direct his own! 

Sanctus! Dominus! Prepare the bunkers, 
homosexuals, the end is nigh!!!

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Forever1267 said...

This might be the cruelest Sophie's Choice yet! .... Brad....?... I think.....?

Naturenut said...

Who publicly announced it first ? Or at least "publicly" in the industry ?