Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Songs in the Key of Gyllenhaal

At the start of March there was a rumor that Steven Spielberg was going to make a Leonard Bernstein bio-pic going around, and I put it forth to you people to give ideas for casting the legendary composer. Almost all of you immediately screamed JAKE GYLLENHAAL at me until my ears bled. As well you should!

Well today comes word that your screaming was heard because that is happening. Only it's not Steven Spielberg directing - it's actually, perhaps even more enticingly, Cary Fukunaga. The film will be titled The American - which is kind of generic when there are so many possibilities with a creator of Bernstein's caliber, if you ask me - and will shoot in the fall. And yes this is the first time Jake will play gay since... hmm, what was that movie called again?


Anonymous said...

You can hardly expect him to start his own production company in 2005-6, and begin developing this project from scratch back then.

This one begin in 2015. Not the Spielberg-Kushner project.

Jason Adams said...

Gotcha! Thanks, Anon

Anonymous said...

Now we have the approval of Bernstein's family to Bradley Cooper's project. Again Jake is snubbed