Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Which is Hotter?

It is the 28th birthday of Alex Pettyfer today - Alex just gave a surprisingly good performance in The Strange Ones (my review) earlier this year and he has his directorial debut, called Back Roads, opening at the Tribeca Film Festival in a couple of weeks (I should be seeing that soon). 

It is also the 38th birthday of Charlie Hunnam, who has spent the past couple of weeks taunting us on the beaches of Hawaii (see here) where he's filming his new movie. Now I ask the impossible!

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MTMSLG said...

That's just not fair to Charlie! They are both DEE LISH OUS. But who can resist a man in uniform?

Daniel said...

Yeah, normally I would say Charlie all the way, but... Pettyfer in a police uniform? Be still my loins!