Thursday, April 12, 2018

Smile Skarsgård Smile

One of our Most Anticipateds has started filming this week - Park Chan-wook's The Little Drummer Girl, a miniseries adaptation of the usual spy-thriller sorta book by John Le Carre, was spotted filming at the Temple of Poseidon in Greece yesterday. Specifically its stars Alexander Skarsgård, looking all kinds of goofy (for such a big Swedish stud-muffin Askars can be the downright goofiest) and Florence Pugh were sighted - you can see a few more shots of them at JJ. Not on view just yet: Michael Shannon, who's the third lead in the cast. Oh and I just checked IMDb to see if anybody else had joined the cast that we hadn't heard about - Max Irons is up in it too. We like Max Irons. Well looking at Max Irons anyway...

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Anonymous said...

That's the weird thing about Skarsgard. Almost any hot guy is just as hot or even hotter when he smiles but Skarsgard...yeah, no. Totally kills the hotness. I first noticed this in Melancholia when he smiled for half a second and realized that was the first time I ever saw him smile and it was pretty obvious why.