Monday, April 09, 2018

Russell Tovey is a Good Liar

I get to kill two birds with a single stone with this post - I get to post that picture of Russell Tovey staring at bookshelves off of his Instagram that I have been wanting to post (and mention that he looks as excitable about bookshelves as I am -- maybe even more!) and I get to mention that he has just joined the cast of Bill "Gods & Monsters" Condon's new movie starring Sir Ian McKellen! (thanks Mac) That's a lotta gay.  The movie is called The Good Liar and it stars McKellen as a con-man who meets a rich widow (Helen Mirren, who is by all accounts also a gay man, at least in spirit) online and ends up actually liking her. It's based on a book by Nicholas Searle - anybody read it? No idea who Tovey's playing but my guess is trade.


Anonymous said...

Russell has some booty! Who wins in a booty-off? Tovey or Oscar Issacs?

Matty said...

No one can top Oscar's booty. (Pun unintended.)