Friday, April 06, 2018

Jake Gets Spooked

Look at Jake's serious face - very serious, for a serious movie! Jake is going to star in and produce an adaptation of Kevin Wignall's next book (out in June) To Die in Vienna; the movie is already planning on hanging the title though, calling it Welcome to Vienna. Doesn't that seem like an odd change? To Die in Vienna would actually be a good movie title. Maybe they don't plan on anybody dying? I don't know.

Anyway the story is about a "Vienna-based civilian surveillance contractor for hire" who's chasing a Chinese scientist and yadda yadda CIA-based intrigue. (thx Mac) Nobody's attached officially except for Jake so we'll have to wait and see how far this one gets or who else climbs on-board. Anyway in related Jake was at a watch release event party last night looking pretty sharp, but he's clean-shaven and that just looks kind of weird to me now?


Anonymous said...

He's not the most classically good looking actor is he? Him not wearing the perpetual black suits is weirder.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a big fan of his but his judgement in material lately is questionable at best.