Friday, April 06, 2018

It's Goode to Be Prince

This rumor's a couple of days old but given the way our April's already headed we're lucky we even saw it, much less are getting around to mentioning it two days later - rumor has it that the second season of Ryan Murphy's Feud show is following up the Hollywood divas Bette Davis & Joan Crawford by skipping across the pond to face down the big royal britches of Buckingham Palace. It hasn't been confirmed yet but supposedly it's gonna be Prince Charles versus Princess Diana, with Matthew Goode playing the former and Rosamund Pike tackling the latter.

Even in terms of Hollywoodized casting Matthew Goode is still way way too Good(e)-looking to play Charles, but whatcha gonna do - meanwhile I don't know if she's right physically but Pike's been astonishingly under-used post-Gone-Girl so it's nice to see her in the mix for a buzzy thing; sure to get buzzier too, what with Harry's nuptials ahead. Anyway I'm curious what y'all think...



MovieNut14 said... Goode goes from Lord Snowdon in The Crown to supposedly Prince Charles in Feud? Sounds kind of confusing.

Shawny said...

Adam Driver should play Charles.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't been confirmed? I heard it was Charles/Diana as definite fact before Season 1 finished airing.