Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #143


In my review yesterday of this weekend's horror smash A Quiet Place I bemoaned the lack of real honest-to-goodness risk-taking in Hollywood in reference to its not-really-silent soundtrack, but that subject was on my mind anyway after seeing a movie at a Tribeca press screening this past weekend that tackles the very same subject that Ken Russell's Gothic did back in 1986 -- the infamous 1816 meeting between the writers Percy & Mary Shelley and Lord Byron in Geneva -- and does so with... well I can't review it just yet but let's just say I sure do wish we had somebody as nuts as Ken Russell making movies today.

Perhaps I want too much. Even when Ken Russell was alive making movies nobody seemed to know what to do with him then, either. And Gothic particularly has a mixed reputation... which it might deserve? As with anything Ken did he always swung hard, and not every swing landed. But he knew that in the swinging...

... came the fun.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that is exactly the point, there was a time when you could almost always count on the crazies and the wackos and the misfits to conjure up powerful long lasting effect imagery, even if within uneven movies; Russell, Franco (Jesus), Zulawski, Ferreri, Oshima, Rollin, John Waters of course. Add your own faves, you get the picture