Monday, April 09, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #142

I never noticed the beautiful shelves that line this apartment before! Anyway I always think about the "Supporting Actress Smackdown" at StinkyLulu's old site whenever I think about Beatrice Straight's Oscar-winning performance in Network - see the Smackdown itself right here (Straight loses to Piper Laurie in Carrie which I certainly can find no fault with) but also make sure you check out Lulu's longer-form piece on that specific performance, it's worth the read. 

I do think Straight is very fine in the brief few minutes of screen-time she has in the movie but I'm glad Lulu focuses in on an earlier scene in the movie where we first meet her character as she moves about her shared apartment with William Holden one morning happily, setting up the same space that will later turn sour in their famous confrontation scene, aka what won her the Oscar and what you see in these gifs here. Watch if you like:



FDot said...

Love this movie. I saw it years ago at Lincoln Center with Faye Dunaway introducing it. They first showed "The Yellow Bird", a short film Dunaway had directed and clearly the reason she showed up. After the short she came up on stage, took a few questions about it then segued into the feature by saying "What are we watching next, Bonnie and Clyde?" A few people shouted out "Network" and Dunaway, as the pro she is, just rolled with it saying "Oh, Network! That's a good one too, you'll all enjoy it!" Rattled off a few more words then headed home.

MTMSLG said...

Love this movie! Paddy Chayefsky's script was a crystal ball into the future of reality tv, news as entertainment and FAKE news. Genius performances all around. William Holden is one of my favorite actors, so underrated!

Anonymous said...

Such a good movie EXCEPT for its issues with women. Don't get me started on Straight's cruelly written monologue that starts all "how dare you!" and five minutes later she has to be like "never mind, I totally want you, don't you leave me!"