Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Good Morning, World

Since it's Matthew Goode's 40th birthday today I figured 
it was high time I worked my way back to this old tweet:
I still haven't watched The Crown but my boyfriend's been watching it while cooking dinner lately and he seems to like it a lot, so perhaps I'll give it a shot for real whenever I have any time for myself again. (Hah ha that is never.) Especially since I have now seen what all the Claire Foy fuss is about with Steven Soderbergh's Unsane, which I dug a whole bunch

Anyway you guys will have to tell me in the comments if there's more to this Matthew Goode threesome stuff than seen here; this was the only clip I could find. I doubt it's as crazy over-the-top explicit as the threesome was on The Young Pope though. Sheesh that one was something. Why didn't anybody write any think-pieces about all of last year's bisexual threesomes...


MovieNut14 said...

...I think I need to start watching The Crown too. Thank you, Netflix, for delivering the good(e)s.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Goode-bar!

Let's pun it up!!