Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hold This Thread As I Walk Away

Unsane is, as far as I'm concerned, the perfect gaslighting movie. It out gaslights Gaslight. It just boils the entire idea of gaslighting down to its most perfect essence. Unsane tells the story of a girl with the unlikely name of Sawyer Valentini and who is played by Claire Foy, who has the feeling of Ellen Page if someone left Ellen Page bleaching in the tub for too long. That is, obviously, a compliment. She is unraveling and she should not be believable - how better to distrust our possibly crazy narrator? She feels like sticky paste on our hands.

Sawyer Valentini hasn't been feeling herself lately - or rather she's been feeling like her old, crazy self, something she's been on the run from, turns out. So Sawyer tries to get some help, and as anybody watching a gaslighting picture knows -- Ya done for, girly. As soon as you admit weakness the vultures and the maggots are all gonna come crawling around. Snack snack!

The gimmicky "shot on an iPhone" stuff adds a perfect dash of paranoia - we feel as if we're spying on someone; as if we've uncovered this video on a stranger's phone that was tossed in garbage behind a run-down diner on the wrong side of the tracks. It's all so spectacularly frustrating from the first scene - one long slow-motion NOOOOOOOOO that you want to scream at the screen in between gasps, sobs, et cetera. It is just tasty and delicious.

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