Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Good Morning, World

A happy 29th birthday to the Aussie actor Eka Darville, who you probably recognize as the drug-addicted neighbor and sort-of sidekick  Malcolm on Jessica Jones. (This is where I admit I haven't had the chance to watch the second season of Jessica Jones yet and ask y'all to shut your dirty mouths about what happens.) Anyway Eka was also one of the Red Rangers on the Power Rangers (just like his fellow Aussie Dacre Montgomery!) and he was one of the homoerotic muscle-men on Spartacus (just like his fellow Aussie Jai Courtney!) although I believe that Eka's character was more than just homoerotic - he was full on homo? He really looks like he knows how to work a pipe, anyway...

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Dougie said...

I'm not saying anything about Jessica Jones' plot, but Eka does have several naked scenes, including one that clearly shows his bum. He is a fine dish, but there's also someone else in the show that's divine, and his name is J.R. Ramirez.