Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dead Pigs & Denis Lavant

Okay I need to play some catch-up with my Tribeca reviews! I've been so busy seeing more movies that I haven't been able to properly keep tabs on what's been going up over at The Film Experience. So let's. I just linked you to my review of Disobedience, which is a biggie given how infatuated I am with that film, but that ain't all she (meaning me) wrote, folks.

There's another movie at Tribeca that's about a cloistered Jewish community (and which was produced by Disobedience star Alessandro Nivola) that's really something special - here's my review of To Dust, which stars Son of Saul's Géza Röhrig as a Hasid whose wife has just died and finds himself having whatever you would call the opposite of a spiritual crisis. It is funny and strange and deeply moving, I think. It co-stars Matthew Broderick doing some of his best work since Election.

Here is my review of Obey, a London-based drama set during the riots of 2011 and featuring a really affecting central performance from the newcomer Marcus Rutherford. I hope he gets more work - he is really something to watch.

Here is my review of the French zombie survival thriller The Night Eats the World, which I also loved - it stars Anders Danielsen Lie (of Requiem and Oslo 31 August and Personal Shopper) as a man totally isolated during the apocalypse, and just sort of watches him survive. I found it transfixing. (And a special shout-out to them casting Denis effing Lavant as an effing zombie!)

And finally back to the start here's the first review from the fest that went live back on Saturday - here are my thoughts on The Dark, a pretty singular little horror film that I said seems like "The Evil Dead directed by Sofia Coppola." It is clearly a first film from writer-director Justin P. Lange but shows a lot of promise. (I just wish it had a better title.)

And there are more coming shortly, so stay tuned!

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