Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Time For Disobedience has Finally Arrived

The best movie of 2018 so far is out in theaters this weekend and it doesn't have a single solitary superhero in it - Sebastián Lelio, hot off of winning an Oscar for the fantastic A Fantastic Woman, returns right quick with the forbidden lesbian love story Disobedience, which I saw several weeks ago and've been dying to talk about since. 

And now I can since it debuts at Tribeca tonight! My review is over at The Film Experience, and I think I've made it clear already - it's a rave. I managed to sneak in a second viewing of the film and my love for it only strengthened - Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams are both doing some of their best work ever, but my best in show is Alessandro Nivola as a deeply decent man wrestling with his place in a new world; there is this close-up of him mid-film that absolutely shatters me. Stunning work.

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