Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sebastian Stan's Beating It

Who's bought their tickets for Infinity War already? I bought mine the other day just because I randomly happened to be on the ticket buying website when they went on sale and also thankfully the movie opens after the Tribeca Film Festival is over - I'm sure I'll be blown out on movies about actors really feeling things by then and ready for something great big and dumb. Voila, thank you Marvel. 

Anyway we have Sebastian Stan news! He's teaming up with Gore Verbinski, director of The Ring remake and The Lone Ranger and last year's well received by people not named Me horror flick A Cure For Wellness, to make an action movie called Beat the Reaper. It's based on a book by Josh Bazell and it's about an ER doctor whose shady past as a mob hit-man comes back to haunt him. (thx Mac) Anybody read the book?

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olins said...

It’s been too long to recall details, but I liked the book a lot. Now I will have to dig it out and reread it.