Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Morning, World

Well this is a welcome surprise. If you saw Sweden's foreign film Oscar nominee The Square - and I do recommend it, it is terrific - then you got to know the pleasures of staring at the actor Claes Bang on screen. (He was not the titular role. That was a square. He played a museum director.) The pleasures, they are numerous. Claes has been acting for twenty years but I think The Square is the first time most audiences outside of Europe have met him? Anyway that will change soon since he's in the new Lisbeth Salander movie (The Girl in the Spider's Web, this one) with Claire Foy. 

And then there is this Danish short film called Hotel Boy here, which will hopefully put him on the map of the gay men who maybe haven't caught on yet. The whole thing is online over here; just one problem... no subtitles. Oh well. I watched the whole damn thing anyway! Even without knowing what the hell they're talking about.

You can basically get the gist enough to get through and even if you're gist-less Claes' hairy chest will make up the slack. So go watch and then hit the jump for a dozen plus gifs I made of Claes being friendly with his co-star Youssef Wayne Hvidtfeldt...


MovieNut14 said...

Oh man, good morning indeed.

Anonymous said...

Not to be that guy, I think the movie’s Danish. So is Claes. The Square is Swedish, but I think his character was Danish. Handsome either way.

Jason Adams said...

Oh god no thank you for being that guy,
I meant to double-check that and spaced. Will fix :)