Monday, March 12, 2018

Pics of the Day

Y'all already know this if you follow me on Twitter where I tweeted the entire two-day long experience over the weekend but I won the online lottery for tickets to see Angels in America on Broadway this weekend - Quite unexpectedly! It was my very first time trying and I entered as a fluke and it kind of threw a wrench in my plans for the weekend... not that I am complaining! - and a few of you asked for the link to where the lottery is -- HERE YOU GO

I actually stuck around and had the entire cast (except Nathan Lane who bolted as quick as he could) sign my Playbill afterwards because when in Rome - I posted a picture of that on Instagram. I don't have any interesting stories about that because I didn't interact with any of them beyond saying "Thanks." They all smiled. Lee Pace is an utter (un-shy) dreamboat in person. The end.

I'd seen the National Theater Live screenings of the London show here in New York last fall but seeing the show in person (and oh did I mention that winning the lottery put me in the FRONT ROW) was a whole other ball of something - not to lean into a pun but this show is a religious experience, and if you're at all able, be able. It's the single most important piece of Gay Art of Modern Times, full stop, and this production is really spectacular, and all of the actors - shout-out to Nathan Lane & James McArdle specifically - are tremendous. And now for somebody else's picture...

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