Thursday, March 08, 2018

Halt and Catch Killer Robots

The Terminator franchise has chewed up and spat out all kinds of great actors at this point - Christian Bale, Claire Danes... I mean does Nick Stahl even exist anymore? So I'm hesitant to allow myself too much enthusiasm about today's news that our beloved Mackenzie Davis has just signed on for the latest reboot, this time directed by Deadpool's Tim Miller. But there are positive signs of fortune in this for her - James Cameron is actually involved this time around, and the film's meant to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2 and will bring back not just Schwarzenegger (I mean he's shown up before, to lesser results each time) but much more enticingly Linda f'ing Hamilton will be playing Sarah Connor again.

That is some very fine International Women's Day movie news right there. What do we think? After the truly terrible Genisys film entirely wasted the super porny set-up of a butt-naked Jai Courtney shaking hands with a scar-faced Jason Clarke I wrote off the whole franchise for good but they're luring me back, the bastards...

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