Monday, March 12, 2018

Good Morning, World

The trailer for Sorry to Bother You hit the internet yesterday so we shall share it with you here on this Monday morning! We've been looking forward to this one ever since Armie Hammer joining the cast brought it to our attention - it stars Lakeith Stanfield...

... also a very fine reason for being excited, obviously, as a telemarketer who's great at his job because he does a killer "white person voice" and Tessa Thompson as his Gal Friday while Armie plays his insane seeming (and according to reviews cocaine and orgy fueled) boss...

Armie is doing "Chris Pine" there right? That outfit and the beard couldn't be more "Chris Pine" if it emanated out from inside a tesseract with Oprah Winfrey attached to it. 

(Yes I saw A Wrinkle in Time and yes I clearly left it with no idea what the science of it was supposed to be.) Anyway the reviews of this movie from Sundance made it sound crazy (in the way I dig "crazy") and the trailer is giving me some serious Spike Lee meets Michel Gondry vibes, so I'm there. But then...

... we already knew that. 
Here's the trailer:

Sorry To Bother You is out on June 6th.

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