Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Shanna: Momma, isn't it true that only a certain amount
of people are allowed in heaven, and we're saved, right?
Wanda: Uh huh. That's 'cause we're Missionary Baptists
as opposed to the other kind of Baptists who if they make
a mistake, they have to start all over again. But
Missionary Baptists - once saved, always saved.
Your grandma and grandpa were real smart.
They chose a sect that has guarantees.
I have never seen this, can you believe it? I suppose I was in High School at the time it came out and missed it and back then when you missed things you often just... missed them, ya know? That was a thing that used to happen, kids. Anyway I missed it and then time forgot it and now it is Holly Hunter's 60th birthday and I want to see it right now. Anybody remember it? Or seen it lately? it is available on DVD, surprisingly. Here's the trailer:

Anyway a very happy birthday to one of our greatest actresses.
What's your favorite Holly Hunter performance? Mine will always
be Living Out Loud but there are loads of #2 contenders...



Mary Clancy said...

THIS is my favorite.

FDot said...

In one of the many boxes in my attic resides the People magazine issue featuring this as its cover story.

Also, Broadcast News is my favorite Hunter performance.

Owen Walter said...

I loved Living Out Loud, but haven’t seen it in ages. I wonder if it still holds up. It seems like the kind of movie that would either turn into a classic or suddenly feel very dated.

Jason Adams said...

I watched it a couple of months ago and still LOVED it, for what it's worth

shaun said...

I have fond memories of the movie and one very specific memory about watching it with my mom. At the end, the would-be victim's mother is shown pushing her daughter aggressively to excel at cheerleading. I made a comment to my mom along the lines of "who's really the bad guy"? She was totally lost. One of the first times I realized that we were watching movies on different, ummmm, levels. Also, Swoosie Kurtz is amazing in the movie -- I still recall the scene where she's on the stand and gets discredited when asked about "wigfurs" (or something like that) -- imaginary pests with which she is quite preoccupied. I think she talks about them crawling into your ears. Now, I'm just rambling...

par3182 said...

no, i CAN’T believe you never seen this; get right on that

holly’s tight lipped reading of “i’m family oriented” always cracks me up

broadcast news’ jane is still my favourite holly

Anonymous said...

My mother dragged my 9 year old self to the theater to see "Once Around" when it first came out. I recognized that I was seeing something "good", but it certainly wasn't what people would have considered a kids' movie or something I would have picked if I had had any say. About a year later my friend's mom dragged us to the theater to see "Always", which I did love. Holly Hunter hasn't dissapointed me since.

Adrian Mendoza said...

Great film! This film and Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge is a must watch

Forever1267 said...

It was an HBO movie, wasn't it? Rather dark comedy and a very funny performance. Been a long time though, for me too.

I would probably have to agree that "Broadcast News" is my favorite Holly. That side mouth talk!