Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Do Dump or Marry: Bushy Gringo Triad

Nash Edgerton's new movie Gringo premiered last night - we showed you the trailer to the film way back when - and its red carpet was a veritable smorgasbord of beardage. A tonnage, even! And stars Sharlto Copley, David Oyelowo and Nash's little brother Joel weren't shy about getting all up in that business.

I mean were they all on ecstasy? So much face rubbing! I am not complaining - everyone should take ecstasy before hitting the red carpet if you ask me. Anyway I sadly missed a screening of this movie this week so I can't tell you if it's good or not but one thing I can tell you is it's got a cast (also including Charlize Theron and Melonie Diaz) that makes quality a secondary characteristic. I want to stare at these people for two hours no matter what. 

Tell us in the comments your 
Do Dump or Marry with these three!


AxFromMN said...

Marry: Joel - I want to hug and squeeze him for ever and ever amen
Do: David - he is the neutral party
Dump: Sharlto - I feel like, he's a little much and would be super intense,but he'll always be my sweetie man.

Carl said...

Do: Joel
Marry: Dvid
Dump: Sharito

redhead said...

Marry David.

Fuck Jeol.

Dump Sharlto.

Dame James said...

Do Joel (preferably in those Red Sparrow swimming trunks)
Dump Sharlto
Marry David

Portuguese fan said...

Marry Sharlto
Dump no one

It looks like I'm desperate!