Friday, March 02, 2018

5 Off My Head: Craig Dan Craig

Daniel Craig is turning 50 today, and I don't know if you've noticed but we are a fan. It's not every actor that we take blurry butt photographs of as they run away. Okay okay there are a lot of actors we could say that about - Daniel is special and has been ever since the first time we saw him twenty full years ago laying there letting it all hang out in that bathtub in Love is the Devil... ahem. 

He's just always, even with his, you know, unconventional arrangement of features, had that something that burns through the screen - there was a Twitter Meme going around this week asking us to name the five most magnetic actors and I didn't reply but Craig would've made my list had I. Anyway to celebrate this big day in his life here are my five favorite performances of his.

My 5 Favorite Daniel Craig Performances

George Dyer in Love is the Devil

James Bond in Casino Royale

Joe Bang in Logan Lucky

XXXX in Layer Cake


5 runners-up: Road to Perdition, Skyfall

What are your favorites?


squeezit said...

The first time I noticed Craig was in a quirky film called 'Hotel Splendide' which also starred Toni Colette. I've wanted to re-watch it since Craig has become such a big star but it's nearly impossible to find.

Unknown said...

Love Flashbacks of a Fool if only for the amazing scene with If There was Something by Roxy Music playing in the backgrond.

Jason Adams said...

I was trying to remember if I've actually seen FLASHBACKS (besides the naked scene, I mean, I know I have seen THAT) and I can't remember if I have or not...

Aquinas1220 said...

Have you seen "The Mother"??? OMG! This was my first intro to Daniel Craig!!

Jason Adams said...

I never have seen THE MOTHER but I am 100% aware of how fucking hot he looks in it with the beard and I've meant to for ages -- I thought I had done a post on it but a search turns up nothing! WTF - it might have been on our old Tumblr that Tumblr deleted; there was so much righteous content we lost that day :(