Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Twilight of the Beefcakes

Robert Pattinson knows which bodies really matter! Fuck the Awards Bodies that've ignored his career-best work in Good Timehe's gonna get himself a hot ass. Hot Asses solve all our problems, Robert, or at least the ones that matter, like, "Why don't I have a Hot Ass?" Well now you do. Problem solved. In all seriousness (as serious as we can be on this subject anyway)...

... even when Rob had to strip his shirt off for the Twilight movies he always seemed completely uninterested in being anything other than "skinny" (he left the beefcake work to the other boys in that cast and relied on his killer jawline and abundant hairdo to do the wooing for him) so I am curious why he's suddenly getting "caught" by the paps working out on a beach in Antigua. (Lord knows the beaches of Antigua are just crawling with paparazzi so of course they just stumbled upon him, accidentally like.) 

What role is those abs for anyway? His movie with Claire Denis has already filmed. He's making a two-part movie with Tom Hiddleston's former favorite director Joanna Hogg called The Souvenir, Parts 1 and 2 - IMDb says that the first one's already filmed but the second hasn't, so perhaps it's that. But my guess is he's getting in shape for The Devil All the Time, his film with Simon Killer and Christine director Antonio Campos. I have no reason to guess that - his character is described only as a "spider-handling preacher" and that doesn't exactly scream beefcake. Who knows? Maybe he just wants a hot ass. And we want you to want a hot ass, Rob. Hit the jump for two dozen pictures...

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