Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Happy Name Day (Part One)

While yes we already pre-ordered our Call Me By Your Name blu-ray - which we'll get in two weeks on March 13th! - we remain tempted to order the movie on iTunes because it's out on iTunes to-damn-day!!! And there are Extras, and we sure like Extras! iTunes says they have, among others, a behind-the-scenes featurette + the commentary track from Timothée & Stuhlbarg. Out Magazine actually has a little clip of conversation with Armie Hammer from those Extras, and I will share that right here...


Anonymous said...

Buy it, buy it, buy it.

I did, before I realized that Three Oaks Cinema not too far away in the lower west corner of Lower Michigan would have five showings coming up this weekend. Therefore, I did not watch the film today (it ended up being available as of 12:00 Midnight Eastern Time), I listened to the first 45 minutes as I was driving home from work tonight. I plugged my iPhone into my car's stereo system and voila! I recommend this; I *heard* so much that I hadn't notice before. I'll go and see the film at least twice this weekend and then I'll allow myself to watch it on the small screen.

- Robin Aldan

Unknown said...

I am midway through the Timmy and Michael's commentary on the iTunes version, and it's such a joy. I generally watch everything on my laptop anyway, so waiting for a dvd/blu-ray didn't make sense, and I HAVE THE THING. With this movie, I have had no tolerance for waiting of any kind.