Friday, February 16, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #129

Not the usual bookshelves this time around but what's to stop us from giving some love to the video-store shelves of our youth when they make a movie appearance? I assume that this video-store in Brian DePalma's Body Double (1984) is an actual Los Angeles location but not being familiar with L.A. perhaps one of you locals can help me out - anyway it looks much like the ones I was skulking around in the mid-80s myself, and I certainly remember one of them having a cordoned off "Adult" section like this that you'd try to peek into.

Body Double is screening this weekend at The Quad as part of their ongoing "Erotic Thriller" series - it's a "Body" triple-feature tomorrow with Body Heat and Body of Evidence all screening right in a row! What a marvelous and magical city that I live in.


Anonymous said...

Await with bated breath your definitive exigesis of Holly Body. Here are some of my favorite line readings of hers to get you started:

“’re a genius”
“Yes I hear you! I don’t understand what you’re saying...”
“Thank you very much lady!!!”


Shawn McGuire said...

I remember DePalmas Body Double. It was quite an unusual thriller back then, with just enough hitchcockian appeal. On another note, my hubby and I are going through and watching Neil Simon films. I’ve always thought his plays came off better than the film versions, but I still like the films. My favorite is Seems like Old Times..Chase/Hawn both great.