Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Good Morning, World

It was the 100th anniversary of Ida Lupino on Sunday and our friend Dan Walber gave her some love in his weekly Production Design column at The Film Experience, but today is the 11t0h anniversary of her co-star in the 1934 film Search For Beauty, the Olympic swimmer turned movie hero Buster Crabbe, and so I'm gonna grab the wheel on this one. We've posted about Buster before because you can see why but even though I had posted a promotional shot from this shower scene in Search For Beauty I don't think I had ever actually watched the scene properly before - and it's worth watching! 

The whole movie's online right here - his swimming scene and post-swim shower are after the six minute mark. The Code ruined everything, man. The Production Code was established in 1930 but most studios ignored it for those first few years - 1934 was actually the last year that was possible since that's when, in June of that year, the first Ratings Board was created, and of course a rigid Catholic (named Joseph Breen) was put in charge. And out went the naked guys running through locker-rooms!

The world wept. Anyway Buster was quite the beauty and charmer and he managed to have a long career, even after he wasn't allowed to strip naked on-screen. But we'll always have this scene! Hit the jump for several more gifs from this scene plus a few more pictures worth your time of ol' Buster...

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Anonymous said...

What a weird loincloth. Yes, let's cover that oh-so-erotic lower back but not his, you know, buttcheeks.

Still, I ain't complaining. That man is gorgeous.