Thursday, February 22, 2018

Good Morning, World

A very happy 59th birthday to the great Kyle MacLachlan, fresh off giving the best male performance on TV - actually I guess he gave the best three male performances on TV? Man, I want 18 straight uninterrupted hours to myself to just sit down and re-watch all of Twin Peaks: The Return in unbroken silence, like church and shit. I'd float out of there like a religious painting. (PS in case you're confused trying to remember the scene where Dougie Jones rubbed one out these gifs are instead from Kyle's stint playing Charlotte's weirdo husband Sex and the City)


Pierce said...

He has a pretty nice ass, doesn't he?

JimmyD said...

Did you attend the three day marathon at MOMA??

Jason Adams said...

I did not! I was going to go to the portion where they showed Episode 8
the big one) but I missed it when tickets went on sale so I gave up

I'll screen them at home with my projector when I get a chance