Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Female Trouble is Coming to Criterion

John Waters' greatest film, 1974's Female Trouble, has been out of print on DVD for awhile now (they go for upwards of 40 bucks on Amazon) - it's something we've bitched about on many an occasion. When he got the great big retrospective at the Film Society of Lincoln Center a couple of years back I had a feeling the tide would turn on his movies being so difficult to own and soon enough his 1970 film Multiple Maniacs got a fancy blu-ray release... but today comes word (via the man himself at one of his shows - thanks Brad!) that Female Trouble will be getting the Criterion treatment sometime in 2018, and then the following year we'll see a release of Polyester. I could fuck a pair of needle nosed pliers right now I'm so happy! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Greatest. News. Ever. Thank you!!

MTMSLG said...

Wow! Great news . . . Almost as exciting as getting a new pair of Cha Cha Heels!!