Friday, January 12, 2018

The Last Train to Hots-ville

Have any of you seen Insidious: The Last Key? I have not - I actually somehow entirely missed that it even came out in theaters last week! I haven't even heard a word about it. Which portends... not much, I guess. Anyway Patrick Wilson, star of the first two Insidious movies, is not in this one, but he is in the new Liam Neeson joint out today called The Commuter, which I very much probably will go see this weekend. The Commuter has several things in its favor - it has Vera Farmiga, Patrick's fabulous co-star from The Conjuring movies... which were of course also from James Wan of the Insidious franchise - these complications have complications! (Wan's next film is the Aquaman movie in which Patrick is playing the villain, so I guess Patty's his good luck charm.) 

Also getting me excited about The Commuter is the fact that it's from director Jaume Collet-Serra, who made Orphan, full stop. I know a lot of people who love his over-the-top movies point to The Shallows, which was fine, but anybody in the know was already there thank you very much. Not to mention he made the super fun House of Wax remake with Chad Michael Murray's nipples and that soccer movie with Alessandro Nivola's nipples and oh my god is Jaume Collet-Serra my favorite director of all time, you guys? And, exciting thing I just learned, he is hot too:

Ding ding, winner.

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Anonymous said...

I love how shamelessly shallow this place is. Keep doing your thing boo boo