Monday, January 15, 2018

Good Morning, World

The Assassination of Giana Versace season of Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story series (these titles are getting too cumbersome for me to bear, you guys - couldn't they have just called it Friends and been done with it) hits on Wednesday and somebody working for the show obviously thought they could goose interest by dropping Darren Criss' Butt onto the internet the weekend before... and it worked!
I am so proud of that sentence from Friday, y'all. Anyway it was pretty clear when we saw Darren strutting around in the world's smallest speedo back in May that this show was going to go all out, gratuity-speaking, with its impressive little cast of actors - say what you will about the varying quality of Ryan Murphy projects; we definitely need his queer eye on TV. 

Did you guys read the piece on Criss in the New York Times? I did not but I did read the piece at Vulture that called out the NYT for shading him, and that was plenty enough to get the gist, I think. Oh Darren. You're pretty. Let that be enough.


Anonymous said...

surprisingly juicy booty... nice work, Darren!

Dannyboi2 said...

Always sexy and he also has a very nice bulge...

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for this season

Scot said...

I really hoped that murderous asshole's name would just fade away and never be repeated. He really doesn't deserve to be remembered in any way, shape or form.

eL said...

He is a snack!