Friday, January 05, 2018

The Hot Gay Dumbledore We Need

I've spent so much time flinching about Johnny Depp's presence whenever the Fantastic Beasts sequel's come up that I keep forgetting to rejoice over the fact that Jude Law is playing the young hot bearded gay version of Hary Potter's wizarding daddy Albus Dumbledore. The first pictures showed up a few days ago, as seen here - any idea who the suave nerd is standing behind him up above? There are several possibilities in the cast list. Whoever it is that's who Dumbledore oughta be rubbing wands with, not Depp's grimy Grindelwald, blecch. (click to embiggen)

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Ana Maria said...

He looks HOT...loved the movie and I'm looking forward to the sequel, despite Johnny Depp's presence...who thought it was a good casting choice; who made that choice??? Imagine Fassbender as Grindelwald...