Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #125

"It's where the Trench Sisters conducted their little dietary 
experiments and Keith Kennedy held his parties. 
Adrian Marcato lived there. So did Pearl Ames.

... The Trench Sisters were two proper Victorian ladies. 
They cooked and ate several young children, including a niece.

... They called it The Black Bramford. In '59 a dead infant 
was found wrapped in newspaper in the basement."

Oh Hutch, how do I love thee. Poor Hutch, cursed Hutch - not allowed onto the Kennedy Yacht of Rosemary's Dreams ("TYPHOON!") and murdered off-screen by a glove. What a world. Hutch is introduced in this scene (he is Rosemary and Guy's former landlord and friend) surrounded by his books, and books follow him around the whole film long...

"Tannis... I must look it up in the Encyclopedia."

Oh Hutch! Your books are gonna get you killed, you dumb dumb. Sure enough Hutch looks it up and tries to warn Rosemary...

Note how Rosemary's surrounded, literally draped, in books as she fields the call from Hutch here - knowledge is knocking! Press your ear up to it, woman! Anyway as sure as he tries before he can deliver the terrifying news of Tannis Past he's as chewed up as that Trench Sisters niece was. Poor, dead Hutch. When Rosemary goes to his funeral she meets his friend Grace, who has a gift for her...

"What is it?"
"A book."

"The name is an anagram."

Even in death Hutch keeps trying to save the day through literature. This leads to one of my favorite visual jokes in the film - when Guy comes home to find Rosemary freaking out about the witchy theories that Hutch has planted in her head from his grave, Guy takes the book away from her and puts it out of her reach...

... but did you ever notice what books he puts it on top of?

It's the two Kinsey books! Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female! That deserves a great big (you might even say pregnant) LOL -- wouldn't you agree, Hutch?

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Astroboymn said...

Ha ha, I never noticed the Kinsey books! I was always just so amused by the Sammy Davis, Jr tome.