Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Good Afternoon, Gratuitous Louis Hunter

Way back in July I saw the sort-of horror-film The Honor Farm for the Fantasia Film Festival and I told you in my review of that movie to "google Louis Hunter immediately." Well if you didn't I did, it just took me six months. (The Honor Farm is even available to stream on Amazon now, by the way.) Louis has been a little active on his Instagram lately and reminded me to do so, and here we are. 

Louis (who has done some TV like that Secret Circle show a couple years ago) doesn't have a ton lined up, at least according to IMDb - for a dude this pretty he oughta have more. Come on, casting directors! So in hopes that these catch somebody's eye which then leads to us seeing more of him let's hit the jump for a couple dozen pictures over lunch...

That is Louis with (openly gay) actor Thomas Dekker in the last shot - Dekker wrote and directed a movie called Jack Goes Home in 2016 that co-starred Louis, and they seem pretty friendly...

Also Thomas included this shot of Louis in his movie:

... so bless them.
Bless them both!


Anonymous said...

You can see him in the recent short film Pick Up on Vimeo

thanks for the reminder he is worth looking out for

Adrian C said...

he was on secret circle for like five minutes before being killed off. which kind of pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

was really good in Troy. great casting for Paris