Tuesday, January 09, 2018

5 Off My Head: Siri Says 1978

It's Tuesday and you know what that means - yes, that we will See You Next Tuesday, but before then let's go ahead and do what we do each week on this day (as long as we're being productive) and hit up our "Siri Says" series. If you're new here's what is happening - we ask the voice that lives inside of our telephone to give us a number between 1 and 100, and then we pick our 5 favorite movies form the year that corresponds with that number. So today she gave us the number "78" and so today we will pick our favorite movies from The Movies of 1978. And a fun time will be had by all!

I managed to come up with my five favorites from this year pretty easily - they're probably exactly what you think they would be if you've spent more than five minutes here at MNPP - but what surprised me, looking through this year's films, was how many 1978 movies I have heard good things about but never seen. So that portion of our list below is longer than normal, and I guess I have some work to do. Until then, let's see what we have here...

My 5 Favorite Movies of 1978

(dir. Irvin Kershner)
-- released on August 2nd, 1978 --

(dir. John Carpenter)
-- released on October 27th, 1978 --

(dir. Phillip Kaufman)
-- released on December 22nd, 1978 --
(dir. George A Romero)
-- released on September 1st, 1978 --

(dir. Alan Parker)
-- released on October 6th, 1978 --


Runners-up: The Deer Hunter (dir. Cimino), The Fury (dir. De Palma), Watership Down (dir. Martin Rosen), Heaven Can Wait (dir. Beatty), The Swarm (dir. Irwin Allen)...

... Superman (dir. Donner), The Boys From Brazil (dir. Franklin J. Schaffner), Autumn Sonata (dir. Bergman), A Wedding (dir. Altman), Moment By Moment (dir. Jane Wagner), Long Weekend (dir. Colin Eggleston), Piranha (dir. Joe Dante)


Never Seen: An Unmarried Woman (dir. Paul Mazursky), Up In Smoke (dir. Lou Adler), California Suite (dir. Herbert Ross), Ice Castles (dir. Wrye), La Cage Aux Folles (dir. Molinaro)...

... The Driver (dir. Hill), Magic (dir. Attenborough), Killer of Sheep (dir. Charles Burnett), Death on the Nile (dir. Guillermin), Harper Valley PTA (dir. Bennett), Coming Home (dir. Hal Ashby)


What are your favorite movies of 1978?

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joel65913 said...

Interesting five though I’m only really fond of Midnight Express out of that lot. They’re not bad films just not my particular cuppa.

I’m more in line with several of your runner-ups, although Moment by Moment-Oy Vey! What a stinker!!, as well as ones you haven’t seen.

My top 10:

Heaven Can Wait
Same Time, Next Year
Animal House
Foul Play
Autumn Sonata
Coming Home
Midnight Express

California Suite
The Cheap Detective
Days of Heaven
Death on the Nile
La Cage Aux Folles
The Last Waltz
The Legacy
Remember My Name
An Unmarried Woman
Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?

There was also an amazing miniseries this year “The Awakening Land” starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Jane Seymour as sisters who carve a town out of what was the wilderness of Ohio eventually marrying Hal Holbrook and William H. Macy respectively.