Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Good Morning, World

Stronger is out on VOD now (and it is hitting blu-ray on December 19th) so if you missed it in theaters (which I think a lot of you might have) now is the time to catch up on the film, which is totally more than its lousy trailers made you think it was going to be. Here is my brief little review of it - I'm looking forward to a revisit.

Also I'm sad we're not talking about Miranda Richardson & Tatiana Maslany in the Supporting Actress race but neither of their performances were loud enough, I suppose. We'll be lucky if Jake cracks the Best Actor race. Anyway for a second I felt weird about having this "serious" talk about awards beside these gratuitous gifs of Jake (click to embiggen) but then I remembered there's not a single "serious" thing about ranking art by some nebulous value of communal worth, and I got over it. So hit the jump for more gifs...


Adam said...

I had so many friends who saw this movie and didn't tell me Jake is in his tighty whities. I feel so betrayed.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the digital masking team are there to protect us all from the horrid revelation that people have genitals.

Actually this kind of thing makes me genuinely angry. It's the mark of a sick culture that believes depicting the human body is too profane for right-thinking people.