Tuesday, December 05, 2017

5 Off My Head: Siri Says 2006

It's time to fire up the iPhone and ask our old friend Siri to choose a number between 1 and 100 for our "Siri Says" series, huzzah, celebration, et cetera et cetera. And today the lil' lady was feeling devilish and gave me the number 6, so today we will look back at the Movies of the year 2006, and name our favorites. 

Truth be told glancing back 2006 was kind of a shit year, you guys? It was an excellent year for Horror Movies (we have Cheney & Friends to thank for that) but I didn't have a very hard time narrowing everything down to this Top 5 - a great Top 5, for sure. But normally with a year so recent I have trouble narrowing down a Top 10, and while technically I could make a Top 10 most of them would just be likes, and not emphatic loves. Hmmm. You decide.

My 5 Favorite Movies of 2006

(dir. Alfonso Cuarón)
-- released on December 25th 2006 --

(dir. Guillermo Del Toro)
-- released on December 29th 2006 --

(dir. Neil Marshall)
-- released on August 4th 2006 --

(dir. Sofia Coppola)
-- released on October 20 2006 --
(dir. Richard Eyre)
-- released on December 25th 2006 --


Runners-up: The Departed (dir. Scorsese), Talladega Nights (dir. Adam McKay), The Fountain (dir. Darren Aronofsky), Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (dir. Tom Tykwer), The Hills Have Eyes (dir. Aja), Hostel (dir. Eli Roth), Monster House (dir. Gil Kenan), Little Children (dir. Todd Field), Silent Hill (dir. Christopher Gans), Final Destination 3 (dir. James Wong)...

... Little Miss Sunshine (dir. Dayton & Faris), Idiocracy (dir. Mike Judge), Crank  (dir. Neveldine & Taylor), Volver (dir. Almodovar), The Devil Wears Prada (dir. David Frankel), Casino Royale (dir. Martin Campbell), For Your Consideration (dir. Christopher Guest), The Lives of Others (dir. Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck)


What are your favorite films of 2006?


Anonymous said...

The sight of Patrick Wilson's flexing butt cheeks as he's fucking Kate Winslet up against the washing machine is a thing of pure (the purest) beauty and will be ingrained on my retina forever. FOREVER!

That being said, however, it is Marie Antoinette all the way. Sofia and, just as importantly, Kiki were done so wrong! Only the daughter of the man behind Bram Stoker's Dracula would have the audacity to flip the costume drama on its dusty head and turn it into something so sumptuous, dazzling, exciting and life-affirming. Oh well, one day we'll collectively (and finally) thank Sofia for switching the genre's life support back on, I guess.

(Great selection, by the way.)

larry said...

Couldn't agree more about "Children of Men" which I like better than any other movie this millenium. I also liked "The Departed" very much and felt Scorsese totally deserved the oscars (but "Children" is better). My list would also include Devil wears Prada. I'd love to see "For Your Consideration" sometime, mainly to worship Catherine O'Hara.

par3182 said...

casino royale
children of men
half nelson
the lives of others
notes on a scandal

i shall always remember 2006 as the year daniel craig emerged from the ocean, judi dench as barbara covett [my spiritual doppelgänger - even moreso now that i own a cat] and introducing me to emily blunt in prada

Pierce said...

Casino Royale, Introducing Daniel Craig as Bond.
Da Vinci Code, excellent film version of the novel
Happy Feet, delightful film with a strong environmental message
Little Miss Sunshine, good family story
Nanny McPhee, written and starring Emma Thompson. Terrific
V for Vendetta, Magnificent
Notorious Bettie Page, marvelous docudrama.
Art School Confidential, Terrific movie
Prairie Home Companion, I grew up near Oshkosh, WI. Whatever Streep was doing doesn't remotely sound like people who live there. Nice to see the Fitzgerald Theater and Mickey's Dining Car features on film, though.
Volver, best performance of the year, Penelope Cruz
Nightmare Before Christmas, Best movie of the year!
The History Boys, outstanding acting
Dreamgirls, good film of the stage musical
Perfume, odd but enjoyable movie. Ben Whishaw has become quite a gay icon in Europe
Marie Antoinette, a 2 hour shoe commercial

Chad said...

The Lives of Others was probably my favorite film from 2006 but there were so many great ones like Children of Men, Paprika, and Volver. Also:
The Prestige
Pan's Labyrinth
Casino Royale
Inside Man
The Fountain
Marie Antoinette
Monster House
The Fall
Little Children
Art School Confidential
Hills Have Eyes
Alpha Dog
A Scanner Darkly
The Host
Friends With Money
A Prairie Home Companion
Wristcutters: A Love Story
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Away From Her

Manila Queen said...

Babel was my 2006 film. Simply great.

Anonymous said...

Noooooo. Perfume is simply awful. Long, slow, insanely boring and, I hate to say it because now I think he's great, with a terrible lead performance from Ben Whishaw. So dull and blank. God that movie was a slog to sit through.

But how is Volver not in your top 5? So sumptuous, funny, and moving. Cruz simply glows.

JB said...

Pans Labyrinth
Marie Antoinette
Dans Paris
Little Children
Half Nelson