Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Good Morning, World

There's a new series hitting Netflix in February called Altered Carbon and starring the criminally under-exploited Joel Kinnaman, who looks like he might get a little properly exploited here - they just released a trailer, which you can see down below. (thanks Mac)

It's based on a 2003 book I guess (it also appears that the book character that Kinnman is playing was Japanese?) - anyway anybody read it? It sounds very Johnny Mnemonic (anybody remember that movie? - and the trailer looks very (what else) Blade Runner but I'll probably watch it because that's what we do now, right, what whatever Netflix plops in front of us? (God I woke up especially cynical this morning.) Anyway enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Joel needs to be naked more often.

1971 said...

And disappointingly but not surprisingly there is more female than male nudity....