Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Good Morning, World

A happy 21st birthday to the already-an-Oscar-nominee Lucas Hedges today! Lucas can be seen in theaters right this minute in Lady Bird, giving one of its many fine performances off-center (his scene in the alley behind Lady Bird's coffee-shop is for me the film's most moving, but then it would be) and he can be seen sometime in 2018 in Joel Edgerton's gay conversion therapy drama called Boy Erased, which we've talked of previously right here and right here. That one hopefully fulfills all the promise it's got here at the outset. 

These pictures (which by the way are very HQ, click them to embiggen) are from some play called Yen that was put on here in NYC about a year ago - I'm pretty sure this morning is the first I've heard of it (I can be lousy with keeping track of theater) even though it co-starred by beloved Ari Graynor. Did anybody see it? 

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Anonymous said...

That scene in the alley was the most moving for me, too. That hug! That perfect, specific hug. Ugh.