Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Good Morning, World

Even though I posted the trailer for the Cinemax series Quarry with some enthusiasm last summer - thanks to the sultry mustachioed presence of one Logan Marshall-Green, who is turning 41 today - I promptly forgot about the show and didn't watch it. Did any of you watch it? Since it was canceled I don't think you did. We all failed Logan. Sorry, Logan. He really went to bat for us too - not only did he get naked (and from what I can gather, he got naked on the show a lot) but he got naked in front of bookshelves. 

I am a monster. I don't deserve nice things. Well Logan's doing okay without me - he was in one of last year's best movies (that would be The Invitation) and he had a pretty decent-sized part in Spider-man: Homecoming this summer, and he's got the new movie from Leigh Whannell (of Saw and Insidious fame) coming soon. We won't want for Logan Marshall-Green. But if you want some naked Logan Marshall-Green, then you'll have to hit the jump...


AXfromMN said...

I like a good stache, but that is an icky stringy stache. You have another chance to support him, Damnation starts on USA or TNT on Sunday. He plays the despot whose old west preacher brother has to take up arms against (my interpretation of the commercials)

Anonymous said...

I watched Quarry and liked it very much and was surprised by it's cancellation. It was gritty and sexy and dark. And Logan was great.