Monday, November 13, 2017

Armie Loves Luca

“I was like, ‘This is hell. Can we switch 
this for more nude scenes, please?'"

What a ridiculous question to ask! I know. I should perhaps ask that once Call Me By Your Name has actually come out in theaters for US audiences (which we're still eleven days away from) because everyone's default answer movie unseen will of course be "MORE NAKED ARMIE OBVIOUSLY" but I have a feeling that will probably be your answer even after you've seen the film too, so we'll just ask now. That said you've already seen the dancing, out of context but you've seen it, and it's brought us tremendous memed joy.

So much joy that it drove Armie off social media altogether... but I'm getting ahead of myself. All of this info is coming at us via Kyle Buchanan's profile on Mr. Hammer for New York Magazine, which you can read right here. It is a delight. Everybody's pulling the quotes about Armie falling in love with Luca Guadagnino, but I'll save them for you to discover yourselves. It's a fascinating read about the making of the movie and oh look there are three more drop-dead-sexy pictures after the jump...


Lucky said...

"Still, he (Guadagnino) understood Hammer’s passion and reciprocated it. “It’s beautiful when you fall in love with someone and you are restrained in your exploration of that feeling and you sublimate it in making a movie like that,” said Guadagnino, who eventually called Hammer to his apartment to hash out his feelings.

“He basically nailed me, nailed me, nailed me,” said Hammer."

The writer had to know what he was doing.

Ben said...

Just when I thought I'd run out of the warm, wistful, lustful, obsessive mix of FEELINGS this movie provides, Armie refills my battered heart. #stopdontstop

Madi Mambetov said...
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Madi Mambetov said...

Hi Jason!
I've been reading your blog since forever(2006, I guess), and at first i was merely attracted by sexy celebrities. But with years checking your blog became part of my daily routine. One year ago or earlier I stumbled upon news of some new film here, and decided to read the book it was based on. That's how I read CMBYN last january. I was born and live in one of the former-Soviet Union countries in Central Asia, but at the time I was alone in India, and i read this book and I cried for several days afterwards. it cut me open. I forgot I was alive before I read it. And after that I eagerly followed this movie - and you were my number one source. Today it was screened for one and only time in my country, I bought 10 tickets for me, my closest friends and family and took them to the cinema, and watched this movie - and though you have nothing to do with production of CMBYN, I owe you great debt of gratitude for this one. If it weren't for you, I could've missed it. I didn't and I was shaken to the core. It's so great. Thank you. For bringing this movie to my attention and for that certain one of your posts, when you shared your impressions and things that movie made you recall. Good job!

JA said...

Madi -- that really means a ton to me! Thank you for that!

And yes isn't it so so good? We're so fortunate that Luca & Co got their hands on the story and did such a wonderful job. This is one to cherish forever.

Madi Mambetov said...


JB said...

What a beautiful interaction. *no you're wiping away a tear*

Jason, I also read the book a year ago or whenever based on your recommendation.
I loved the film, perhaps not with the same fervent passion - it's a very solid 9.5/10 from me - but Gods Own Country had already fully drained me emotionally, so by the time I got to CMBYN I didn't have much left to drain. And although I'm loathe to compare the two, there was a tiny part of me screaming - GOD DAMN, CAN'T WE HAVE SOME GAY STORIES THAT AREN'T ABOUT HEARTBREAKING FORBIDDEN LOVE WHERE EVERYONE CAN BE HAPPY AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Beautiful film. Thanks for bringing it to our attention so early on.