Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... loving Armie's way.

For a quick second I thought I might make it through the entire day here at MNPP without doing a post on Call Me By Your Name but who are we kidding? The day that happens is very very far off indeed. But I have better reason today than most days because they released The Clip I Had Been Waiting For today, the scene where Armie Hammer dances to the song "Love My Way" by the Psychedelic Furs while Timothée looks on (Sidenote: I have literally been listening to nothing but this song for ten straight days. No exaggeration. Ask my boyfriend.) in honor of National Coming Out Day.

This is SUCH a magical moment in the context of the movie that I almost hesitate putting in front of any of you who haven't seen the movie yet (I realize I'm one of a slowly growing lucky but select few who've seen the film multiple times at this point six weeks before its limited release on November 24th) but I can't not post it, especially since I've been waiting for this - it's a moment almost every critic's mentioned, and we all knew the gifs it would spawn would be wondrous. So watch:

The crazy thing is I am actually kind of sad? Because this clip here starts a split second AFTER a glorious shot I haven't been able to get out of my head when the song actually kicks in and these two girls (totally 80s upped the wazoo) jump up and do these leg-kicks out of excitement. It sets the mood of Sudden Perfect Joy so perfectly and so succinctly. (Is there any director working today who knows how to use music better than Luca Guadagnino?) But if I start wanting more and more this will only end with me whining that I can't gif this entire film from start to finish, and this is more than enough to get me through for now. Until Sunday. When I see CMYBN a third time. Hit the jump for several more Armie Dancing gifs of extreme and utter happiness, you guys...


Adam said...

I am right there with you, Jason! This clip made me heart explode. When I hear fanboys drool over the Blade Runner 2049 cinematography I'm just like, Bitch you haven't even seen Call Me by Your Name.

David said...

Auauauaghghghg! You’r KILLIN’ ME!
I want to watch. But not out of context. I’m going to miss it tomorrow at MIFF! So I have to wait until November.


Limited release? Will it even play Miami? How far will I have to drive?!

Maybe I could just watch the one scene. But no. Noooo. It will taint the cinematic experience when I do see it.

[scrambles for the Xanax]

Adrian C said...

Do you know about the Simon vs the homosapiens agenda movie adaptation? Can't remenber if you have posted about it. They changed the name to "Love, Simon" and released the poster today cause of national coming out day.

I think this could be an important movie for teenagers, since they seem to be marketing it similar to Paper Towns or The Fault in our Stars, and will even be released by Fox Searchlight as well. It also helps that it stars Nick Robinson, who if not super famous, has been seen in a couple of movies already (Kings of Summer being a particular favorite of mine).

Jason Adams said...

Adrian -- I don't think I have heard about this project yet, but I looked up some more about it just now and it sounds terrific! Thank you for the heads-up! I remember liking Nick Robinson in Kings of Summer.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this. Read the book and found it beautiful.

And I -love- that fucking song!

VoenixRising said...

You realize, however, that Armie wasn't even BORN when that song came out, right? ;-)