Wednesday, November 29, 2017

All My Love For Elio & Oliver

I haven't bothered to link to any of them but if you've been keeping as watchful an eye on its reception as it rolls out then you've seen that the past week and a half has been chockfull of Shit Takes on Call Me By Your Name - everything from people calling it "coy" to people screeching that calling it a "gay movie" is a misnomer... I don't even know, guys. These are crazy times we live in. 

Anyway in case you hadn't noticed I love the movie very very very much and so I wanted to counter all that nonsense with something positive. So I wrote this gigantic lumbering love-letter to the movie, which you can now read over at The Film Experience.

Let me warn you of a couple things though! It is long!  It is very long.  So maybe save it for your lunch-break. And also you maybe shouldn't read it unless you've already seen the movie, because I go full-in talking about specifics. Plot points and many quotes and full scenes fully described. You been warned.

It's something I had to do, to get out of my system, because of all those bad takes floating around, yes, but also because I have seen the movie seven times now and I have a whooole lot of things to say about it. So click on over to TFE if you care. Having gotten that big bunch of thoughts out of my system finally I might be able to ease up on the movie a little for those of you exhausted at this point... (Haha right, we'll see.)


Madi said...

Wow, that's deep. When I reached this part, "Because this is the film’s lesson. Kindness. Generosity", it clicked in me - yep, that's it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That Ellen interview was the cutest thing ever.