Friday, October 27, 2017

Who Wore It Best?

Every regular looking dude breathed a sigh of relief today, because a god has been toppled - Alexander Skarsgard has finally found a look that does not work for him. He's shaved a bald patch onto his head (probably for his upcoming movie The Hummingbird Project) -- see more here, if you dare -- and man does it look dopey. It's okay, Alex! I'm glad you're taking your work seriously enough to look dopey, and bald doesn't work on everybody. That said he did remind me that the perfect specimen slash actor Stanley Weber (see lots and lots more of him here) shaved his head in that odd monk pattern for the movie Pilgrimage last year and he pulled that look off well enough that I considered taking the vows just to get on my knees with him. So...


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Anonymous said...

Dopey or not, and it is, that’s how guys kept their hair in the 70’s. It’s hard to believe that it never occurred to them that keeping it trimmed close would look so much better.