Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gratuitous Stanley Weber

There have been a few times over the years where I've randomly stumbled upon a name or a face previously unknown to me only to have my entire life immediately swallowed whole by an immediate, stop-the-presses obsession - their names all escape me right this minute though because there is only one person in the whole entire world right now and his name is Stanley Weber!

Yes I am talking to you, mister man. So I was glancing at who has birthdays today and lo and behold  Stanley Weber's celebrating his 30th birthday today. Stanley who? Stanley good goddamn look at him, I says to myself. 

And before I knew it four hours had vanished. Four beautiful hours! We danced and we stared into each other eyes, and then he took off all of his clothes and yadda yadda here we are, more in love than ever. (The nakedness, that you'll see that down below - I'm not one to keep such things to myself, obviously. And neither's he, thank the stars and heavens above!)

All this talking and I haven't even said anything about where you might know him from - Mr. Weber is a French actor and you might know him from French things, or more likely you know him from his role of "Comte St. Germain" on the show Outlander. I guess he plays a bad guy? I tried to watch that show once but even with all the naked Sam Heughan I couldn't get into it. Maybe I should try again?

Dear lord look at him. Okay okay, I gotta catch my breath. While I go "catch my breath" y'all can entertain yourselves with the fruits of my three hours spent wandering the wilds of Weber, with approximately... oh I don't know, there are so many I lost count, but there are well well well over one hundred pictures after the jump so get to going, people...


Drew said...

Check out Borgia (the one that doesn't star Jeremy Irons). He plays Juan and has a glorious ass.

Derreck said...

He's so beautiful I'm actually exhausted.

I was hoping there would be nudes in the post and i was not disappointed.

I want to have an apartment on this site.

Anonymous said...

He pretty.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else getting Monty Clift vibes from some of the photos?

sowhatelse said...

I went through the same experience after seeing a pic of him from Outlander, which you can safely skip. He was underused and wasn't allowed to get naked ONCE.

Very handsome guy with awesome blue/green eyes. Love that tuft of hair at his throat.

Thanks for posting!

MTMSLG said...

Why you gotta be hatin' on Outlander?? I love that show! And when I saw Weber and those eyes(!) I wanted MORE.