Saturday, October 14, 2017

NYFF Diaries: Day 18

After Woody Allen's Wonder Wheel plays the role of "Closing Night Film" tonight (we saw it yesterday) the 2017 New York Film Festival is basically over, save some re-runs of things that have already screened - but since we're still catching a couple of those repeats we'll keep this going through tomorrow. Click here for all of our previous coverage, including links over to The Film Experience where we've been writing our reviews. As for today's movie...

October 14th
(dir. Griffin Dunne)

I suppose I should have known that Joan Didion is Griffin Dunne's aunt, but I did not. Did you? It is one of those things that make sense now that I have heard it, it but it was news to me when I saw his name attached to directing this movie about her. Anyway I am curious to watch the film after reading my pal Manuel's read on how Didion exemplifies the "ultimate white girl" - I love her, I will always love her, but he's not wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Woody Allen is a sexual predator and assaulter and it boggles my mind that anyone would willingly support or watch his work