Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NYFF Diaries: Day 15

The 2017 New York Film Festival is currently in session - is runs through October 15th, and if you're around you should go see a movie or seven! We've been keeping tabs on what we've been watching at press screenings, and then we've been reviewing those movies over at The Film Experience. On today's menu...

October 10th
Mindhunter (dir. David Fincher)

I keep checking to see if the folks at NYFF have announced any names there for the premiere of the first episode of Fincher's new Netflix series - will Fincher be there? He's been on my list of Must See Directors for ages and ages so I am hoping. Or will the show's star Jonathan Groff be there? Ever since I was in the presence of his thighs a few months back I have desired to be in those thighs' presence again. Anyway if it wasn't clear by now I'm only really going to see this screening at NYFF because of who might be there - the whole series drops on Netflix on Friday! Click here if you missed Mindhunter's trailer.

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Anonymous said...

Groff has good everything. He's one of the most perfectly proportional men I've ever seen.