Monday, October 09, 2017

Mommy & Me

I shared some thoughts that Sean Baker's film The Florida Project stirred up in me over at The Film Experience over the weekend so if you missed them before now click on over. It's another pretty personal essay a la what I wrote on Call Me By Your Name last week - I've been put through the wringer by this year's crop of NYFF movies, you guys. (I mean that as a deep and true compliment, of course - what else do we contemplate art for if not these profound and personal emotional reactions?)


par3182 said...

after these essays and your beautiful a quiet passion review, i really hope you are working on a memoir or some kind of longer projects than the blogs [which i also love]; i would be first tin line to buy the book

Sherri P. said...

Me too. I've been a regular here for ages-all the beautiful men-but it was our shared love for Sufjan that brought me. Now it's these deeply personal essay reviews that have touched me. I grew up poor with a single mother but otherwise our lives are different. But you have touched me as one human to another. Thank you. CMBYN the book did the same.