Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Good Morning, World

Let us all come together to wish Oliver Jackson-Cohen a very happy 31st birthday today! Oliver was last seen being oh so dashing and gay, oh so gay, opposite James McArdle in the WWII half of Man in an Orange Shirt, the BBC's recent homosexual miniseries that also starred Julian Morris and some lady named Vanessa Redgrave. We covered it quite a bit, click through here for that.

Next up for Olly, and I somehow crazily missed this fantastic news, is Netflix's mini-series version of Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House - when we last heard the series was going to star Michiel Huisman, which was exciting enough. But there's been a lot more casting since then - the ten-hour series will also star Oliver here, not to mention Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas, and Timothy Hutton. The series will reunite two of those folks - Gugino and Thomas - with their Gerald's Game director Mike Flanagan, who is running the thing. (And that's a creepy reunion between actors if you've watched Gerald's Game by now, which I sure hope you have.)

Anyway back to the Birthday Boy Oliver - I love how gratuitous that shot there is of Oliver buttoning up his trousers, don't you? I throw the word "gratuitous" around a lot but that is truly, lovingly gratuitous. props to the folks who made the shitty Dracula series a couple of years ago, which is what this is from. Anyway click through our Oliver archives for lots more!


Mark Alexander said...

OJC gives me such deliciously impure thoughts.

Dre Brown said...

My head just exploded.

Jeffrey Otero said...

Dre Brown, something exploded... but it wasn't my head... ;)