Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mother! Oh God! Mother! Blood! Blood!

Well I am dressed for a funeral, as commanded by Darren Aronofsky himself, and I am off to the premiere of that man's latest film Mother!, which is about Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer clawing each other's eyes out while Javier Bardem jerks off in the corner, or whatever - besides watching the trailer a thousand times I have done a really good job keeping myself unspoiled so I really can't say for sure. 

Anyway in case you missed the story of my strange scavenger hunt  acquiring tickets for tonight's premiere you can click here to read that. It was weird! And wish me luck. I'll surely report on it tomorrow, or if you follow me on Instagram you'll probably see something sooner.


John Kuehnle said...

I'm thinking of seeing it, it looks good and how often do you see Michelle Pfeiffer on the big screen these days?

Anonymous said...

CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOUR REVIEW! I'm seeing it tonight in DC!


A. B. Funkhauser said...

Bardem's God is a selfish one and, therefore, completely accurate. Much spec on the yellow fluid--I think it's sulfur--and the infant's identity. Not JC but a different life form conceived by two supernatural beings who can't get it right. A satisfying watch, but a half hour too long.