Friday, September 22, 2017

Luke Evans is the L in the LGBT Fest

Using Luke Evans lovely mug to grab your attention about NewFest, the annual LGBT film festival here in NYC, is absolutely hilarious to me after our long sordid one-sided history with Luke and his oft noted personal life, but it's actually got heft and purpose to it (unlike my usual senseless shenanigans, I mean) -- Luke's well-received film about the creator of Wonder Woman called Professor Marston & The Wonder Women (see the trailer here) is actually screening at the Fest next month! And there will be a conversation about bisexuality with the film's director and "select cast" after the screening. Oh my if Luke is there...

Anyway NewFest announced their entire slate of films earlier this week -- you can check it out right here. There are a slew of great looking titles - we already told you they are showing God's Own Country, which we couldn't be dying harder for even if it was called Call Me By Your Name, but there's another movie that's been on the tip-top of our Want List for many a month now that is screening and that movie is Jeffrey Schwartz's doc The Fabulous Allan Carr, which we told you all about right here. Allan Carr was the legendary 70s gay super-producer who made Grease and Can't Stop the Music and burned through boys and coke and caftans like the world was on fire.

Anyway stay tuned for more coverage of NewFest here at MNPP (especially once NYFF is over) -- tickets are on sale now for members and they go on sale to the general public on Tuesday. The fest runs from October 19th through the 24th.

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